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We Know Urban Realty is asking visitors to "review" our web site by visiting one (or several) "comment oriented" web sites.

We're often told that WeKnowUrban.com is unique and unlike other real estate web sites....good right?  However, we'd like to hear more specifics.

  • Do you find the site useful for your high-rise or loft condo search?
  • Do you find the blog posts to contain relevant and helpful information?
  • Is the site easy to use?
  • What would you like to see us add to it?
  • What would you do differently and/or what do you like? 

We have several upgrades planned for the year but I'm always looking for new ideas.  So, if you have any...please share.

Doing so is super easy.  Just visit the home page of We Know Urban Realty and look for the comment area (pictured below) in the far right-hand corner of the Click one or all the links (i.e. Google, Yahoo!, Kudzu, or Yelp) and read what others have written or be the first to write your comments.   In the cases of Google, Yahoo and  Yelp you must for a free account if you don't already have one.  However, in all cases the registration process only takes a couple minutes and you might find that you really enjoy reading what other folks have to say about not only real estate services and web sites but also restaurants and bars etc...  My wife and I use Yelp quite often to find great new places to eat.  So please do WKU a favor and Yelp at us! :-) screen. 

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