Avoid Mortgage Modification Scams

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Avoiding Mortgage Modification Fraud

I Am An Agent Against Mortgage Fraud in Palm Beach County!

The last thing struggling Palm Beach County homeowners need is to be victimized by fraud. Sadly, some people are praying on those who need help the most. Today, the real estate industry is the newest, biggest target for predatory schemes. In fact, the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, stated that mortgage fraud cases are 400 percent higher than they were five years ago.

With nearly 1 in 6 homeowners in Florida are unable to pay their mortgages, understand that you are not alone. Knowing your legitimate foreclosure-avoidance options is the best way to fight this terrible trend.

The report on this site will tell you how to avoid mortgage fraud schemes, as well as what solutions are available to you. Enter your information below and get the facts now!


Craig Fialkowski

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