20 Eco-Savvy Steps Sellers Can Take to Attract Eco-Friendly Buyers and a Speedier Sale

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Eco-friendly homes will be selling at a premium. As the economy worsens, buyers will be looking ever more to reducing costs on all levels.

20 Eco-Savvy Steps Sellers Can Take to Attract Eco-Friendly Buyers and a SpeNAR GREEN Designation asheville's green brokeredier Sale  

Looking for added value, Buyers demand eco-friendly features and Sellers benefit from that demand. . Sellers, you know the "Banish the Clutter!" anthem.Creating a great first impression is important, but investing in a home- and that's what buyers are doing- means Buyers are also  looking for added value.

Today's buyers demand eco-friendly features such as those found in an energy-efficient house.

Going healthy sells.  Smart eco-renovations sell. And slashing the  monthly energy bill, reducing water usage and costs, improving indoor air quality attracts Buyers.

If you want to make your home stand out from all of the rest and tap into a market where sales are brisker than average consider the following advice from an Eco Certified® Real Estate Consultant who knows the local real estate market and can point clients in the "right" direction.   

 Here is a list we offer to Sellers. It reflects the current market buyers' demand for eco-friendly features and benefits. Taken step-by-step it can provide sellers with a way to stand out in the crowd.


20 Eco-Savvy, Free, Inexpensive and/or Cost Effective Steps Sellers Can Take to Attract Eco-Friendly Buyers and a Speedier Sale

•1.      Order an energy audit. (Free)
•2.      Investigate potential for federal, state or local tax credits associated with going green. (Free)
•3.      Learn about green certifications-EPA's Energy Star for Homes, HealthyBuilt® and/or LEED ®for Homes programs. (Free)
•4.      Connect with buyers and a real estate professional who has earned the NAR GREEN® Designation who "speaks the language" and works with eco-friendly clients. (Free)
•5.      Implement energy savings suggestions from the energy audit. (Cost Effective)
•6.      Impress buyers with a flyer-display that documents how monthly bills change reflecting energy savings. (Inexpensive)
Show comparisons to typical bills for similar-sized homes in the neighborhood.
•7.      Use CFLs. (Cost Effective)
•8.      Emphasize daylighting and passive solar advantages. (Cost Effective)
•9.      Go green with rainwater harvesting. A simple rain chain and rain barrel can make an eco-friendly buyer smile. (Inexpensive)
•10.  Put aerators on faucets. Save 50% on water consumption. (Inexpensive)
•11.  Spruce up the home's exterior with native and edible landscaping. (Cost Effective)
•12.  Pay attention to indoor air quality (IAQ.)  a) Plants can help reduce by 50% airborne molds and bacteria. Try: Rubber Plant, Ficus, English Ivy, Boston Fern, Spider Plant. (Inexpensive) b) natural aromatherapy with essential oils. (Inexpensive)
•13.   Clean. Use only non-toxic cleaning formulas. (Inexpensive)
•14.  Brighten walls with non-toxic (NO VOC) paints. (Inexpensive)
•15.  Donate "energy hog" appliances to charity
•16.  Install Energy Star® appliances- 10% to 50% more efficient. (Cost Effective)
•17.  Install a programmable thermostat. (Inexpensive)
•18.  Caulk cracks. (Inexpensive)
•19.  Create healthy alternatives underfoot. Recycled wood. Natural throw rugs. Bamboo. Or eco-friendly carpeting that does not emit allergens and toxins. (Cost Effective)
•20.  Utilize social network marketing. (Free)


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