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Lissa Uder, Your Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource

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Lissa Uder, Your Lebanon MO Real Estate AgentLissa Uder, Broker/Salesperson with A Helper Premier GMAC Real Estate has earned the nationally recognized Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource certification. The National Association of REALTORS® as well as help buyers pursue short sale and foreclosure opportunities.


“As a REALTOR® in the Laclede County market area, I see homeowners struggling to keep their mortgage payments current. Even some that have unsuccessfully tried to sell their home don’t realize they have an alternative to foreclosure. Qualifying may be easier than they think and in most situations, they walk away free and clear. They don’t even have to pay me. It is difficult enough for a family to lose their home, and ruining their credit for up to 10 years certainly doesn’t make life any easier for them” Lissa says. She adds “These people need help. Although it won’t save them from losing their home, a short sale allows them to keep their dignity and is less of a shock to their credit score. They need a knowledgeable resource to help them through this trying time and help eliminate some of the pressure. That’s where I come in. With what I have learned obtaining this new certification along with the title of Certified Property Valuator through NABPOP, I have the training, skills, and experience to help them sell their home with the least amount of hassle and highest level of Premier Service.”

Lissa Uder, Your Lebanon MO Real Estate Agent


Lissa is proud to have worked with the A Helper Premier GMAC family for almost two years. During her 4 year career in the field, she has represented many buyers in the purchase of offers the SFR certification to REALTORS® who want to help both buyers and sellers navigate these complicated transactions, as demand for professional expertise with distressed sales grows. REALTORS® who have earned the SFR certification know how to help sellers maneuver the complexities of short sales foreclosed homes. “Anyone thinking of buying a bank owned property needs to work with an agent that knows what they’re doing. You can get a great deal on the property, but if your agent isn’t knowledgeable, you can lose your dream home and get a great deal of headache. That makes me unhappy. When it comes down to it, I feed my family with my income, but I work for my client.” she says.

The certification program includes training on how to qualify sellers for short sales, negotiate with lenders, protect both sellers and buyers, and limit risk. It also provides resources to help REALTORS® stay current on national and state-specific information as the market for these distressed properties evolves. For more information about the SFR certification, visit www.REALTORSFR.org or call 1-877-510-7855.

To learn more about short sales or foreclosures, contact Lissa by phone at Cell: 417-718-5091, Home Office: 417-426-5091, or Office: 417-533-3571. You can also email at lissasells4u@earthlink.net or visit her at www.atheartrealty.com.

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Lissa Uder, Broker/Owner

Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource

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