Thursdays Are My 2nd Favorite Day of the Week…

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I'm not going to lie....more than friday and saturday, and most definitely more than the first 3 days of the work week, Thursday lands above them all. Since i was in high school, thursday always has been an awesome day. Whether it did with sports, after school clubs, TV shows scheduled, whatever, thursdays rocked. I think even more so now is the anticipation of the weekend. Because let's be honest, NOT all weekends are great, but the anticipation of looking forward to a weekend that can potentially be great is always, well great!

Take today for example:
1. My Wife got a full day off - something very needed as we head into the 9th month of pregnancy
2. I picked up a great listing in Tidewater - 3BR/3BA Golf View only $229,900

Clubhouse Villa Tidewater Golf

Clubhouse Villa Tidewater Golf

 (  for more info)
3. Basketball Open gym at FBC tonite
4. Hardees chicken Jalepeno sandwich for lunch
5. Tomorrow is friday (as it always is on thursdays)

Just a few reasons to settle in and enjoy the ride of this great day! So here is to you, thursday!

(and in case you were wondering, my favorite say is of course our worship day of Sunday...He is the reason for all the days, so in turn He makes everyday great...even the bad ones...)

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