The Real Estate Agent: just a license or a career?

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The Real Estate Agent: just a license or a career? Just in the last few weeks, I know of two people that have acquired their real estate license. They both have signed on with real estate firms. They both have other full time jobs. They both think they can make money in real estate. All this may be true, but unknown to the poor unsuspecting consumer, they know very little about the real estate business, and this can get them into big trouble, create very unhappy clients, and give real estate agents a bad reputation. As full time real estate agents who take their jobs very seriously, we all know that it takes years to develop the skills and knowledge to truly become proficient in our careers. I can only view these part-timers as people who are taking away business from the true professionals and frankly, I have very little respect for them. It's one thing if you're a referral agent, it's another when you try to do a job you scarcely know how to do. Your thoughts?

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Brian Gaverth
Redfin Corporation - Springfield, VA
Realtor(r), CDPE(r)

Hi Heidi,

I appreciate your take on part time agents.  I'd like to submit the idea that there are exceptions to your rule.  Some agents as myself have a great passion for and capacity to provide great Realtor(r) services even on a part time basis.  It's quite challenging to jump into the game full time from scratch.  I just hope that the extreme newbies have a great broker/team to work with to help them out along the way as I did. 

I'm making the transition to go full time and believe the last 5 years aa a part timer has set me on the path to success.

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Jul 26, 2010 05:03 AM