Why Are Lenders Not Helping To Get Short Sales Done??

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Group One, Inc.

As listing agents that represent many sellers in the painful short sale process, every day is SO frustrating !! As you can tell by my photo, the hair is already gone. What else do they want from me? We have closed many short sales, so we know the process works but day after day we fight with the lenders to just get HELP !! Some files taking almost a year to close is just CRAZY !!. The lenders just have to start helping to speed the process up. They have had the past 2 years to staff up for the waive of short sales they knew were coming. Enough is Enough, I have no hair left !! 

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Dixon Team OC
RE/MAX Select One - Huntington Beach, CA

Wow, I'm with you on that one. There really is no reason the process should take as long as it does. You would think that they would want the sale closed as quickly as possible, wouldn't they? 

Dixon Team OC

Mar 04, 2010 10:23 AM
Emcee M. Arah
Remax Excellence - Silver Spring, MD - Silver Spring, MD
Realtor w/Architectural Dimension, AHWD CRS B-Arch

You would think they would, wouldn't you Mike?  I mean, it is in the best interest of the bank to close the deal as quickly as possible so that they can start recouping their losses and get the property ready to be sold again.  And after all this time, you would think they would even have a process set up to get the deals done much faster.  Maybe the banks should start a training program specifically for short sales.  Maybe that will help cut down on the amount of time it takes to close one.


Mar 04, 2010 10:31 AM