Finding a Short Sale Real Estate Agent Expert in Washington

Real Estate Agent with Real Estate Investment Firm/Advanced Commercial Brokerage

Here are some tips to finding a Short Sale Real Estae Agent in your area. In today's market of selling a short sale it is more important to pick a professional that has set high standards of proven success. For an agent to consider them selves experienced they should have at least 50 successful CLOSED short sale deals, this is an area you can not afford to put an inexperienced agent on who just wants to dabble in short sales. In a nut shell I would choose an agent who is 100% focused in this area. Qualifying questions to ask is this is there area of expertise #1 how many short sales have you closed this year? #2 How many listings do you currently have that our short sales? #3 what is a notice of default? #4 how long will it take to successfully complete the foreclosure process? #5 How many days do the lenders have to legally postpone the foreclosure process? #6 what are the Washington Lenders deficiency rights?  # 7 Will I be responsible to pay back the lenders amount they accepted on a short sale? #8 How many short sales are there currently in the Seattle area?

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