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Over the last month condominium sales in the Fort Lauderdalearea have skyrocketed. Along with the rising sales we have seen some signs of our old market that I find very alarming and it is really the job of  every Realtors to prevent the old style of purchasing in Fort Lauderdale from happening again. Buyers are approaching the condominium market the same way they do the single family market completely ignoring the fact that they are buying into a community that deserves as much due diligence as does the unit they are buying. I always present Fort Lauderdale Condos with the same introduction "when you purchase a Fort Lauderdale Condominium you are buying two things you are purchasing your condominium unit in which from a renovation standpoint, you can do just about anything which meets local build code as long as you get board approval, and you are purchasing your proportional share of the common element of the building. The common elements are much more difficult if not impossible to change. If the lobby feels old and tired thats the way the majority of the people are running the show. If things have not been updated that's either the way owners like it or its all the building can afford, either way you have a right to know. Some common element issues are unchangeable, if their going to bother you, move on,  they don't change easily. This in itself is a great case for the newer properties of Fort Lauderdale, there are very few of them but the common elements consist of things that owners can be proud of and in today's depressed market you can often pick up a deal in a well run newer building for very close to what you may pay for a resale in a older building. Overtime has the updates start to happen th enewer building may turn out to be less expensive. An experienced agent can tell you the history of a property and quickly explain why there are certian properties that they may not even show you, but when in doubt ask to see the minutes from the last three board meetings, these mintues will usually tell you a great deal about the community you are buying in, and help you to make an inforamed decsion. Remember in the Fort Lauderdale area. the team at Eric Miller and Associates is always here to help, we can be found at

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