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Using audio in your marketing campaign can mean the difference between night and day. Working on the internet is a wonderful tool but it has limited emotional connection unless you're a wonderful writer. The best of writers can do well without audio but us who just write OK can use all the help we can get.

I know many people talk about video being better than audio. In my opinion video is a little bit more complicated because you have to prepare to be seen and heard vs. just preparing to be heard on audio. I've done both and actually do both. But the media I prefer which is much faster to prepare for and also get others to participate with me is audio.

Let's get back to the benefits of using audio.

1. Audio can bring an emotional connection with your audience that gives them a sense of who you are.

2. Audio allows you to tell your story in your own words to those who prefer hearing a voice rather than reading.

3. Audio gives your clients another option to better understand what you are communicating.

4. Audio along with the written word reinforces what you intend to communicate.

5. Audio adds a little flare to your presentation.

6. Audio sets you apart from your competitors.

7. Audio gives you a professional advantage.

8. Audio says to your clients that you care enough to go the extra mile.

9. Audio intrigues your client because it's different.

10. Audio helps you learn your craft because you want to impress those who listen.

There are lots of fun things you can do with audio. I use it because it's quick to set up and it gives me an upfront advantage when I'm trying to connect with first time readers of my blog. Hope you received something of value here.

Stay after it,

Ced Reynolds

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Michelle Pimentel
Empire Home Staging Solutions - Upland, CA
ASP, IAHSP Empire Home Staging


Audio marketing can be a great thing for reaching out to long as you are factual in your topic, short in your delivery and not too long winded!  :o)

Mar 05, 2010 10:25 AM