Time to Sell - Time to Paint?

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One of the most important factors in selling a Knoxville home involves the overall condition of the paint on both the interior and the exterior. In both cases this can be a make or break point for the sale. If there is any painting that needs to be done, it can be done very affordably and can add a lot of value to any home in Knoxville. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you need a paint job done.

#1 - Choose a neutral color

Neutral colors are the safest as far as selling a home in Knoxville quickly is concerned. If the outside of the home needs painting, find a color that blends in easily with the other colors of homes on the street. This will raise the curb appeal of your Knoxville home substantially.

#2 - Finish the painting before any showings are scheduled

It will be a big turn-off to any potential buyer to see an incomplete paint job. Add to that any tools that are left out for the job and you will have your buyers leaving in a hurry. Make sure that the job is one hundred percent complete before scheduling any showings.

#3 - Seek professional advice

If you are completely lost as to what colors to choose and cannot envision how the job will appear when finished, you can hire a professional designer in Knoxville for a quick consultation. There are qualified designers that will come to your home for an hour and tell you the exact shades of color you should use to keep the color scheme neutral, light and calming. It is a small investment towards a higher selling price for your home, and a quicker sale.

Don't be afraid to ask for help if need be. You can also ask your Knoxville real estate agent for any references they may have for painters and design consultants in the Knoxville area.

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Darren Revell
Keller Williams Realty Temecula Valley - Temecula, CA

Paint is great.. and overall staging is a big help as well.  Make the property look its best..

Mar 05, 2010 08:14 AM