The Tides at Bridgside Square

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Over the last few years the real estate market can be viewed as the perfect storm. Bad loans started to surface, too many sellers became landlords and investors assuming the market could only go up, and the economy tanked, these and numerous other occurrences, not to forget 9/11 simply changed the world as we knew it and along with it our real estate markets. No real estate was excluded from this price correction. Sorry even you had the most special kitchen cabinets in the world chances are your home went down in value as well. However, as we enter a new real estate market in Fort Lauderdale, a more balanced one, where buyers don't out number sellers 100 to 1, I sincerely believe many of the rules of this normal market are returning. You all remember them, location, location, location - and there are a few more, the right time to buy, and quality sells. With all these in mind I want to bring your attention to The Tides at Bridgeside Square. The Tides, Fort Lauderdale is always on our top ten list of great buys of the Condos for Sale in Fort Lauderdale.

In today's crazy market 1 Bedroom Units can be had for around $200,000, two bedrooms for about $270,000, and 3 Bedrooms for about $390,000. The building owns an entire city block, is pet friendly, has a great pool and health club, and was built in 2002 to post Hurricane Andrew codes. The building does have a generator. For additional information about the The Tides - Eric Miller Miller and Associates are the #1 sales agents in the building and I personally do own a three bedroom in the building. In the last 6 months the inventory for sale at The Tides has dropped in half, this is the true sign that the bargains will be gone soon, and a normal market will emerge.

Currently two of our Best Buys in Fort Lauderdale are an approved short sale for $379,000 and a totally redone Penthouse Unit offered fully furnished for $499,000. The Penthouse unit is not currently listed so you will need to email me for details.

3020 NE 32nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

 The Tides, Fort Lauderdale

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Team Honeycutt
Allen Tate - Concord, NC

You are so right. The combination of all those things you mentioned put the industry in a real down turn.  Thank goodness it appears to be getting better.

Mar 06, 2010 01:17 AM