Sellers: Get More Money At Closing

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If you are selling Myrtle Beach real estate these days, you’re probably looking for all the advice you can find on how to maximize your ultimate sales price. Why not take advice from the group of people who can tell you what your home is worth – and how to make it worth more?

That group, of course, are real estate appraisers. Working on your behalf, their advice could help you sell for more. What do they look for? Here are their top three pieces of advice:

1. Paint and carpet. A fresh coat of paint (white or off-white is best) and updated floor covering makes a strong statement to a buyer. There will be no signs of cracking or peeling paint, wallpaper, and spots on carpet. Appraisers say that this is the single best upgrade you can make, and you will likely a return on your investment of greater than 100% here.

2. Deep clean everywhere. Have a friend search your home with a critical eye. Anything that can use some elbow grease should get it. Anything that can be put in the garage, or in storage, should go. Remember… less stuff = bigger looking home!

3. Get buyers in the front door. Many homes get crossed off the list while the buyer is sitting in the car out front. If the outside of your home doesn’t scream, “I’ll make you proud to own me!” then the exact opposite is true. Get out there and cut the grass. Remove clutter. Fix cracks in the driveway and sidewalk. Flowers are an inexpensive – and attractive – touch.

Once these three steps are complete, stand back and let the buyers do their thing!

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Thanks for this amazing advice‼ I never thought of cleaning or painting

May 24, 2016 07:02 AM