Hybrid Offers

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40. When your intention is to "Control & Roll" (flip, resell, recast, wholesale, recycle, etc.) and the seller is stuck on a higher price than you are willing to pay, make a hybrid offer. Offer a lower sales price, plus a portion of your profit upon resale within 90 days. You'll pay to advertise the property, so the seller has nothing to lose. Give the seller a written pledge to pay the portion of your profit, and call it your deposit. Assign your contract before closing.

Using this techniques gives investors options when negotiating with sellers. I always suggest using a good auctioneer to sell the property. With auctions, the property is offered as is for all cash and no contingencies.

Your contract should have a clause that states that this offer is subject to assignment before the settlement date. If unable to assign, you have the right to "walk" with no hard feelings or reprecussions.

Good Luck,

Charles Parrish

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