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Spring has sprung in Bridgewater NS.... All this good weather just might bring out the buyers!

Real Estate Agent with EXIT Realty Inter Lake, Bridgewater Nova Scotia, Canada

Attention all Sellers.....

Are you considering selling your Bridgewater NS home? Bridgewater is a bustle these days with the nice weather we received this past weekend. Some areas as high as 9c and today expecting 7c..
Things are looking up for this part of the province.

Some would say "to bad we had the snow last week"...
Others would say, "to bad we aren't getting more snow"...
I'm thinking that good weather is always"Great for business" 

It was a busy weekend in Bridgewater, buyers were everywhere. Now is the time to consider putting your home on the market. Spring fever isn't just for the animals.

Interest rates are still at all time lows. Everywhere I look all the big stores here in Bridgewater have patio furniture and gardening tools ready to roll. 

Makes you want to get out and play in the dirt!!

Ok, so you might be thinking we are a little premature on the gardening... never pre-mature on the house selling though. You want to make sure that you hit the market while the buyers are hot. Hot weather, Hot buyers!!

Its hard to believe this when I say it but there is very little inventory on the market here in Bridgewater these days.

We have homes, but not as many as we have buyers! Yes you heard right... There is a shortage of home Sellers.
Time to get you and your house ready!! Read my
 Home Sellers Guide


This informative tool will help assist you with questions you have surrounding selling your home. Even if you are a seasoned seller you will enjoy affirming all your knowledge of selling homes. Should you have more questions, that have not been answered by this guide, please feel free to contact me.
I would like an opportunity to market and promote your home for sale. I have buyers, many of the Bridgewater Real Estate Agents will say the same thing, we just need home owners looking to sell.

Looks like we are getting good weather today and maybe even tomorrow... Don't wait till it rains or snows again to give me a call. (902) 521-9056

Mark Seamone

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                                                  Mark Seamone
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