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Real Estate Taxes

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While writing this I had a gentlemen stop by my office asking about his current real estate assessment.  Once again the county is playing games with land values and house values and this is causing confusion.  Bottom line though is that the county needs to generate "X" number of dollars in real estate tax revenues.  They have 3 numbers they can play with to do so, land values, improvement values and the tax rate.  It is always unpopular to raise the tax rate and actual house values are easier to track because of neighborhood comps.  So switching land and improvement values around further confuses the issue and the homeowner.  At the end of the day though folks do not let that cause you any stress.  Simply look at the total value that you are assessed and then look at your local neighborhood comps.  If the comps are higher then there is no argument but if they are lower then we can argue with the county.  If you need us to send you comps we are happy to do so just let us know.  While I hate paying the taxes I am tired of seeing my assessment go down!!