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<<Real Estate Career Considerations>>

· A license is required in every State and the District of Columbia.

· Residential real estate ales agents often work evenings and weekends.

· Although gaining a job may be relatively easy, beginning workers face competition from well-established, more experienced agents and brokers.

· Employment is sensitive to swings in the economy, as well as interest rates; during periods of declining economic activity or rising interest rates, the volume of sales and the resulting demand for sales workers fall.

<<Advantages and Rewards of a Career in Real Estate>>

· A career in real estate provides flexibility and freedom to set your own pace.

· Income directly reflects your efforts, with no limits on what astute, hard-working men and women can earn.

· Set your own work schedule and vacations

· Work outdoors and in varied locations.

· Build future business with great service and client referrals.

· •Enjoy helping people in one of their largest financial transactions.

<<Some Cons of a Career in Real Estate>>

·You're an Independent Contractor and unless you find a mentor you will be on your own to learn the business.

·Income can be a long time to get going and "feast or famine" and it may take you a long time to learn different systems to generate leads to help you develop your business and establish a more stable income.

<<Nature of the Work>>

Real estate agents help people buy and sell houses. They must be able to say approximately how much money a house is worth. They need to know what the neighborhoods in their towns are like. They must know the laws that have to do with buying or selling a house. They also can tell home buyers where to get a loan if they need more money to buy a house. In return for selling a house, real estate agents get to keep a small part of the money that the buyer paid for it. Real estate agents work for real estate brokers. Real estate brokers manage real estate offices.

People who want to buy a house often ask a real estate agent to help them. They meet with the agent to tell him or her what kind of house they want. They must also discuss how much money they can afford to spend. The agent then takes them to see houses for sale. Buying a house is a very important decision because houses cost a lot of money. This means that buyers often want to look at many houses before they decide which one to buy.

Real estate agents also sell houses for people. They help the seller set the price for the house. To do this, they must know what the house is like. They must also figure out what people would be willing to pay for the house so that it will sell quickly. They make sure that people see ads for the house so that they can think about buying it.

<<How do you get ready?>>

In Texas as in other states real estate agents must have a license from the State in which they work. To get a license, a person must have graduated from high school. The person must be at least 18 years old and pass a multiple choice test.

More specific information is available at the Texas Real Estate Commission website at


In 2008, real estate brokers and sales agents held about 517,800 jobs; real estate sales agents held approximately 76 percent of these jobs.

Many real estate brokers and sales agents worked part time, combining their real estate activities with other careers. About 59 percent of real estate brokers and sales agents were self-employed. Real estate is sold in all areas, but employment is concentrated in large urban areas and in rapidly growing communities.

<<Job Outlook>>

According to the bureau of labor statistics employment for real estate brokers and agents is expected to grow faster than average. Over 18 percent for the next decade.


The bureau of labor statistics reports that a The median annual wages, including commissions, of salaried real estate sales agents is $40,150. An exceptional real estate sales agent can expect to earn more than $101,860.

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