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Have you finally decided to buy a house but you do not know where you start. There are eight steps simple steps to guide you on the path to home ownership..

1) The first and most simple is you have to decide it is time to buy...

2) Next you should hire an agent, I know what you are thinking of course a Realtor would say that. However several transactions happen throughout the home buying process where the guidance and assistance of a real estate professional becomes your advocate throughout the process.

3) Thirdly, and the one most buyers have the most reservations about securing financing.

4) The next step is finding a home. In todays home buying process there are many ways to go about finding that perfect home. Some buyers feel more at ease with a self guided search on the internet, while others perfer for the realtor to find and select every home they look at through the process.

5) After you have found your dream home the "fun" is really just beginning, especially depending on which type of house you choose. You need to make an offer. The offer needs to be realistic based on price and terms and these are some other key factors where using a realtor helps.

6) Then there is this little thing called due diligence, since you cannot return it once you buy it there are some things necesary to protect your investment before and after you buy your house.

7) This is the step everyone is waiting for in the process, the closing. This is when you get the key to your future. The key that unlocks the door to your new home and opens the gateway to the memories yet to be made there.

8) Now that you are in your home you will want to enjoy it for years to come. You will need to keep up on the responibilites of home ownership to protect your investment.

The home buying process is explained further on our website it will answer the questions you may have. You can also contact us for additional information.

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