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    Walking out of the closing, everyone was high-fiving - myself included.  Jammie, the son-in-law with whom she's been living, who is also a proud new papa, Dawn - one of her daughters, and the mortgage person she's been working with.  Diane, the Buyer,  has been a friend of mine for many years and has been talking about buying a home for probably 2 years.  We started seriously looking in Dorr & Wayland (Allegan County)  last year (looked at several) and put in 3 offers on different homes before we found this one - a HUD home.  It was above the price range she wanted to pay - so she offered a little less than listing price. Bid not accepted, she was second.   Over the holidays, I received a call that the first person who's bid was accepted was no longer able to purchase and Diane had the second highest bid - were we still interested?  Oh, YES - a resounding yes!!  Diane was a little nervous about the purchase price, but because of low interest rates, homebuyer tax credit and the HUD incentive (which she just got in under) - her monthly mortgage payments are actually less than she was anticipating in the lower end homes and she's getting a little money to fix her home. We ended up closing March 1. Ten days after her new grandson was born - what wonderful timing!4361 18th St. Dorr, MIDiane & EdPlease feel free to contact me, Ed Vogt - Audu Real Estate for any assistance or questions regarding the homebuyer tax credits or HUD homes or any other real estate needs in the Kent County or Allegan County area.   Thanks!!

Jennifer Tabor Storre
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Stories like this keep us all going in the business!  Music to the ear, song in the heart!!  Thank you for sharing!

Mar 11, 2010 09:22 PM
Ed Vogt
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Thanks for the comment - the happy endings keep me going, as well.

Mar 19, 2010 02:05 AM
Ed Vogt
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Grandville, MI Midwest Properties

Hi Eloise - any closing is a great closing, but it's especially nice when it's a very happy family/friend. 

Mar 20, 2010 03:48 AM