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It's Gonna Be a Great Spring! And Real Estate Might Be Good, Too...

Real Estate Broker/Owner with True North Realtors NY : Exclusive Buyer Agency

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Here in upstate NY, the unveiling of Spring is almost a religious observance.  The fact that we are "springing forward" this Sunday is a teaser to what we New Yorkers view as the reawakening of our collective soul.  Specifically in the Finger Lakes region, we are blessed with spectacular scenery that has been compared to the Tuscan region in Italy and the Loire Valley in France.  P.J. Thomas of the Philadelphia Daily News recently called the Finger Lakes region "a natural and culinary paradise."  Yes, we eagerly anticipate the changing of the seasons, notably, the one that occurs in late March/early April.

Last night, a local weatherman made the comment, "Remember, March is when we could see multiple-foot snowfall..."  I stuck my fingers in my ears and belted out some "la-la's" - that oughta do it.  But then I realized that this anticipation of warmer, friendlier weather is so much like my anticipation of a new season in our industry.  We have endured a long and harsh winter these past few years.  So many in the real estate community and beyond will say things like, "Boy, before the crash, I was riding high," and "Once this passes, we should be able to see a break in the clouds."  Aren't we all just....ready?!

Here's the thing - with Spring comes a different type of beauty.  And with that season comes different responsiblities than we had in the winter.  Some of us have thrived during the long, frigid months.  But most of us will agree that come Spring, our yards need a heavy dose of TLC, our families need some outdoor fun that doesn't involve five layers of clothing, our souls need inspiration and relaxation, and our busineses need simplification if we are to truly savor all that Spring has to offer.  And, as everything else in life, achieving those things takes work. 

As homebuyers come out of their own type of hibernation this Spring, which I believe they are preparing to do, our industry must be ready to work with fragile souls that need special attention.  Buyers are wary - so many complexities have arisen since the last time they bought real estate.  Several people I've talked to are concerned that they will be pounced on and treated like a lion's midday snack as the deadline for the homebuyer tax credit draws near.  The media has saturated our culture with negativity regarding banks, lenders, mortgages, foreclosures, and yes, real estate agents.  We have some weeding to do - and as anyone who tends a garden understands, weeding is hard and unglamorous work.

As I've said before, there are so many real estate agents - it can be overwhelming for buyers.  That is why we do what we do at True North Realtors NY.  We venture out into this new season with a single focus - representing homebuyers.  Our loyalties are never divided and so we don't just look forward to Spring because new business is around the corner.  New life is around the corner - for us personally and for the market.