Mortgage tsunami, underwater, thus losing your lover's attention?

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Worried losing your home and sanity? Stop now and give me a call at 510-653-9518. I am helping those who are late, will be late and still current with their mortgage on both owner occupied or rental single family homes.You will keep your house and refinancing is based on the current market value NOW.

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An example: You bought in 2004 at 600K, your residence or your single family rental. Now the value is down at 400K. We will refinance your mortgage at 90% of the current value which is 360K, an immediate savings of 240K, without tax consequences, fixed for 30 yrs, process with full documentation, meaning, copies of income, bank statements, hardship letter, your Fico score not affected because this is A REFINANCING, not a FORECLOSURE, NOT A SHORT SALE, NOT A DEED IN LIEU OF foreclosure, NOT forbearance.
This is a refinancing based on the lower market value, so that if you were paying $3792.40 principal and interest, your new loan payment will be significantly reduced to $2517.14 principal and interest fixed for 30 yrs, with a difference of $1275.25.

I will be glad to explain this further, just please give me a call, 510-653-9518. My bio is at and
I am local and can meet with you at your convenience. Will give your references

Remember, you are not alone! Don't wait any longer, get peace of mind, and a better life with your loved ones.

Tessie Cuy
CENTURY 21, El Camino
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