Being Held Hostage By 2nd with 5th/3rd

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Wow! It is amazing to me that some of the deals you think will go quick and easy(FHA short sales) turn in to a huge ordeal when you have an uncooperative 2nd lender, or mitigator.  We have a deal we got approved on the first with Citi that is FHA which are easy deals to get done, but the caveat is Fifth Third wont do a full settlement on the 2nd for the $2,500 allowed under FHA guidelines.  Not always a big problem but the seller wants it settled and not looming in the darkness to creep up at some unknown time in the future.  So 5th/3rd wants a note for the full balance no interest paid over 10 years.  Why would a seller want to pay for ten years on an asset they don't own anymore?  Most banks(obviously not Fifth Third) will give you a full settlement proposal that may or may not work into the deal.  I asked the mitigator is there an amount that you could do a full settlement for?   He tells me he can get it done for $3000 more or a full settlement for $5,500.  I relay this to the seller who says he can borrow it from family so the deal is settled.  I tell the mitigator lets go with the $3,000 contribution from the seller, but alas he comes back and says management wants $7,500 for a full settlement.  "What?!?  You suggest the amount to me and I go get that approved by the seller and you then say I want $2k more."  What world do these mitigators live in?  So the buyer and seller are waiting to get this worked out and I send an email and call this bonehead mitigators supervisor to try to make this deal work.  I am currently waiting on a return call or email so stay tuned....

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I am working on one now with Big Ole American bank where they can convert their second position to a personal debt unsecured by real estate and still collect. They won't approve the sale yet.

Mar 10, 2010 03:12 AM