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Internet Savvy Real Estate Agent

Internet savvy real estate agentWas your last agent an internet savvy real estate agent? One of the questions I ask sellers with an expired listing is "What did your last agent do to market your home?" More often than not I find that the sellers either don't have a clue or they start talking about all the things they DIDN'T do.

Before around 2007,  times were different. Things were good and it was easy to move a house. One could simply put a home on the MLS, throw up a sign, and wait for the phone to ring. The market was booming and even if the house was overpriced, the value kept going up and eventually the value would catch up to the price and someone would buy it. In today's market, this is just not the case anymore. It's much more difficult to sell a home and it takes a much more aggressive and proactive marketing campaign to achieve consistent success. Unfortunately for sellers, there are still agents out there that have not adapted yet and are making up for it by simply padding numbers with more listings hoping some will sell rather than working harder to sell the listings they have.

If you are a seller and you're thinking about listing, perhaps finding that agent with 30 years expierence shouldn't be your top priority, rather perhaps you should be looking for an internet savvy real estate agent.



How do you find an agent that is an internet savvy real estate agent? SIMPLE! Here are some things to look for...Internet savvy real estate agent

  • Is the agent a member of Activerain? Activerain is the premier real estate blogging network. Internet savvy real estate agents are active on this site.
  • Does the agent have a website? Is the website nice looking? Does it have featured homes on it? Does it include an MLS search, a contact form, and helpful information?Internet savvy real estate agent
  • Does the agent have a Zillow profile? Many buyers look at zillow and you'll want your listing to show up there as for sale.
  • Does the agent post your home to online real estate classifieds and mapping sites? Any agent who regularly uses these sites will be so familliar with them that they will roll off their tongue if you ask which ones. If the agent doesn't know any or can't think of the names, they probably don't use them much. Some good ones are craigslist, frontdoor, postlets, backpage, vast, oodle, kijiji, hotpads, trulia, etc.
  • Does the agent create a virtual tour for your home? Agents who are not good with computers are intimidated by this question because they don't know how to do it and don't want to learn. Those agents will most likely give you an excuse such as it costs too much or doesn't really help much. An internet savvy real estate agent will create one and if they don't do them Internet savvy real estate agentalready they are not afraid to learn how because they are comfortable with technology.
  • Ask the agent what their Youtube account name is. Look up their account and see if they post videos. YouTube is the #2 most searched website on the internet today (2nd only to Google) so you defanitely want to take full advantage of that.
  • Be weary of agents who give excuses why they DONT do things. They will try to explain that it is not beneficial or that some other method works better because they either don't want to do it or don't know how.
  • Be weary of agents who throw out statistics without specifics. If an agent just says "Absolutely, your home will be on over 600 websites on the internet!" but does not give you specifics, they are probably not an internet savvy real estate agent. The reality is that you'll be on those 600 websites no matter which agent you use because thats how many sites have MLS searches on them. You want an agent that gives you specific names of sites that they use regularly to promote their listings.
  • Google your agent's name. Do they come up on the first page? Does their website come up? Does their blog come up? Are people talking about them? Are they connected with social networking like facebook, linkdin, twitter, etc?

On a final note, you should also be aware that just because an agent is not good with computers or is not an internet savvy real estate agent, this does not mean that they should be totally discounted as a viable option. If you have an agent that you like and trust but they openly admit to you that they are not good on computers, at least you have an honest agent. You should ask that agent if they would be willing to co-list the property with their office's best internet guru. Another option is they might be willing to use some of their commission to hire another professional to assist in that part of the marketing.

I get agents from our office who come to me all the time and ask me to do what I call an "internet marketing blitz" for them. I help them make a site for their listing, post it on popular sites, and create a virtual tour in exchange for a small fee. Agents love it and so do their sellers! Some agents use that as part of their listing presentation by telling the sellers that they pay a real estate internet marketing specialist to promote their home online. And by all means, if you are an agent and want me to do this for you, just let me know. You don't even need to be in my area.

I hope this has helped you know what things to look for when searching for an internet savvy real estate agent. Many people find the benefit in looking for that trait in an agent and often times, it can prove very beneficial to a seller.

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Chris Wechner
CW Health Inc - Waterford, MI

I like your overall message, Jeff.  You outline how important it is to get the most effective salesperson--not necessarily the one with the most experience selling.

I especially like your suggestion about asking the so-called internet-savvy agent WHICH cites they will use to market your property.  I think you're right.  Even if you, as a home seller, don't know all or any of the different sites, you will be able to tell a lot from the WAY he or she responds.

Good job, Jeff.

Mar 10, 2010 08:07 AM