FTC Cracks Down on "Free Credit Reports" That Just Aren't

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I'm tired of that "F-R- Double E Spells FREE" credit report commercial!    Because what they are "hawkin' is NOT free!
Free Credit Reports Are Not FreeThankfully, on March 3, 2010 the Federal Trade Commission file a revision to the Free Annual File Disclosure Rule to address the abuses and deceptive advertising for Free Credit Reports.  This was part of the new Credit Card Accountability and Responsibility Act 2009.

The new disclosure is available now, but must be used after April 2, 2010, per the FTC ruling... however the Radio and Television Ads don't have to go off air until September 1, 2010 (although the advertisements must adhere to the interim disclosure in the Credit Card Accountability Act until then.)

"The pre-existing requirement to make a free annual credit report available to consumers applies to consumer reporting agencies that operate on a nationwide basis.  The new marketing requirements apply to parties that offer free credit reports. For purposes of the requirement, a "Free Credit Report" is a file disclosure prepared by or obtained from, directly or indirectly, from a nationwide consumer reporting agency that is represented, either expressly or impliedly, to be available to the consumer at no cost if the consumer purchases a product or service, or agrees to purchase a product or service subject to cancellation."

I think this is GREAT news for consumers who have been PAYING for what services they don't need!

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I really dislike those commercials.  We need a dislike button here, LOL!

Mar 11, 2010 12:51 PM