Real Estate Videos vs. Real Estate Virtual Tours in Clarksville, TN - Montgomery County

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Real Estate Videos vs. Real Estate Virtual Tours in Clarksville, TN - Montgomery County

Video Camera, film roll, for sale sign, HD logoWhen I contact most clients about shooting real estate videos the first response I always get is, "I already have Real Estate virtual tours". I always find my challenge pleading my case about what is best, Real Estate Videos or Real Estate Virtual Tours. 


Lets first looks at what is good about Real Estate Virtual Tours.

Real Estate Virtual tours are a good addition to any site because they show that an agent is dedicated to working hard to sell a home. They also add a different type of media, sort of. What I mean is a Real Estate virtual tour is a souped up slideshow. Nothing wrong with that, but thats what it is. If you don't have a voiceover with your Real Estate virtual tour you might want to rethink your stratigy. More reasons for Real Estate Virtual Tours are here at Real Estate Virtual Tours.


Now lets take a look a Real Estate Videos.

Real estate videos are a good option to your marketing because it can be distributed in so many places (such as Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, WellcomeMat, and many more). Also, real estate videos take it a step beyond Real Estate virtual tours because you get to "walk" through the house (You can watch our latest video below to see what I mean). You can also view samples at our Real Estate Video site. This gives you a sense of direction and flow within the house that a Real Estate virtual tour just cannot provide. 


In the long run, I will never say virtual tours are bad. However, Lets just say that you want to drive in a Nascar race. You obviously want to win the race and get done as quick as possible with your laps. You would not want to do this by driving a slow car, you want the best you can get. If you are going to offer your clients a "Real Estate Virtual Tours", why not give them one with all the bells and whistles that helps push them towards the finish line!

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