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eCREsystems Launches LeaseMS Admin, A Unique Marketing/Promotional Tool for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Ashburn, Va. - eCREsystems, a technology-centered company providing Web-enabled platforms to the commercial real estate (CRE) market, announces its first product for CRE brokers that will enable them to truly stand apart from their competition in their respective markets - at a price that's surprisingly affordable.

LeaseMS Admin is a Web 2.0-enabled solution designed for brokerages to provide their tenant and landlord clients with a single-point platform to abstract lease data, as well as manage budgets, rent rolls and critical dates. It also stores the myriad of documents inherent to any lease. All of this comes at no cost to the client, because the broker pays for, or "sponsors" their clients.

"Banks, financial-services firms and many other types of companies offer their current customers online tools to help them manage their accounts, and those firms also use those tools as marketing aids," said Brett Rogers, chief executive officer of eCREsystems. "Why shouldn't brokers do the same, but with a tool that's designed specifically for their clients?"

Because LeaseMS Admin is Web-based, all a brokerage needs to do to get started is insert a small bit of code into its own Web site that creates a log-in box connected directly to the platform. To help build presence in the client's mind, the brokerage's branding is prominent throughout the platform. And when the client logs out of the platform, they are taken right back to the brokerage's Web site, strengthening the brand even more.

There's no software for a client (or even a brokerage) to download. Set-up for each client is very easy.  And because eCREsystems hosts the platform and takes care of all of the maintenance, LeaseMS Admin won't add to the workload of a brokerage's IT department.

Best of all, a brokerage can pay for an entire year of LeaseMS Admin by closing just one or two deals.

"In discussions I've had with brokers and others in the CRE and IT industries, one comment always comes up," said Bob Woods, eCREsystems' vice president of business development. "Why aren't brokers already offering these kinds of services? We believe we're the first company to offer crucial tools like LeaseMS Admin to CRE brokers."

A Powerful Lease Administration Platform

Besides being a unique marketing and relationship-building tool, LeaseMS Admin is a feature-rich lease administration platform in its own right. With LeaseMS Admin, a brokerage's clients can:

* Abstract data that is easily loaded and accessed
* Track multiple leases among many different buildings/locations
* Track hundreds of data points per lease
* Generate 50+ (and growing) reports that are generated on-the-fly and automatically converted to Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files and other formats

Online demonstrations of LeaseMS Admin are available. Contact eCREsystems for details.

LeaseMS Admin is available now to brokerages of all sizes, as well as to individual real-estate agents who are in commercial and/or investment real estate and are in charge of their own marketing. Prices range from $995 to $7495 for a one-year license. Other conditions apply.
LeaseMS Admin is one of three products in the LeaseMS line. LeaseMS Sitematch is a Web 2.0-based platform that assists brokers and tenants to work together with listing agents to identify and short-list prospective sites in the quickest possible time. LeaseMS Negotiator facilitates the lease-negotiating process by using a Web 2.0-enabled platform to quickly create term sheets that can be quickly approved by both tenant and landlord. Both products will launch later this year.

About eCREsystems - Because Relationships Power Results

Founded in 2005, eCREsystems brings to the commercial real-estate (CRE) market evolutionary, Web-enabled technologies that simplify the many processes involved in CRE transactions. The company's LeaseMS line strengthens a CRE broker's relationships with existing and new clients, as well as differentiate them from their competitors. eCREsystems' ProjectMS line of solutions, which will launch in 2008, manages the tenant improvement/ development process, with products targeted at brokers, architects and contractors, among others. For more information, please visit

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