Quick Intro for a New Active Rain Group

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I'm very new here, so forgive this post if it is inappropriate; believe me, it's not my intention to honk anyone off. It's just that I just created a group called "Adding Value to Your Services," and I wanted to promote it.

The new group is a place to discuss how you add value to your real-estate services, so that you really stand out from the crowd and even receive referrals because of them. Have you or do you:

  • Publish a guide of suggested/recommended vendors for your clients to use?
  • Provide free moving services?
  • Provide online tools for your clients to manage the leases in their portfolios, at no charge to them? (see Full Disclosure below)
  • Give out other services that I can't even think of right now?

In this forum, you can discuss ideas, brag about what works, groan about what didn't, etc. They can be "real world" or Internet-based services. And if you have real-life stories to tell, providing details about what you did (price, reach, type of service, etc.) would be a great help.

Full disclosure: My company provides Web 2.0-based value-add services for commercial and investment real estate brokerages, brokers, teams and agents. So there is potential business gain for myself and my business. But since I'm kind of a marketing and Internet nerd, I'm truly interested in seeing what others are doing out there to use value-add tools and programs to generate more business and help clients in the process in any business, be it commercial, residential, mortgages, etc.

I assure you that the new group will not act as an advertising arm for my company. I truly want it to grow and be one of the most successful groups in Active Rain. At the same time, I'd like for it to be a springboard for more and more agents to provide all kinds of value-add tools and services to their clients.

Thank you for listening, and have a nice day.

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