Super green building materials used in some Taos, New Mexico Homes

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Taos Real Estate | Page Sullivan Realtor, Associate Broker

It's Rastra, Mon.  No not Rasta.  Rastra blocks are made out of old coffee cups and packing peanuts.  Well, to be more precise, rastra is a composite of recycled polystyrene, cement and concrete.  It is GREEN and the hottest building material being used in Taos.  This stuff is practically indestructible.  It is fireproof, resistant to wind, has withstood earthquakes of 8.5 on the Richter scale.  Termintes won't eat it, nor can mold grown on it.  It is also a great insulator and is 85 percent recycled.  If you are thinking of building in Taos and are looking for a planet healthy alternative to stick-built, try RASTRA.  yeh MON.

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