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There is nothing more heart rendering than watching a child with cancer.  Please join Sam's Facebook page.  Life is precious for all of us but ever more so, when it's someone's son.  

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Sam CallahanSam Callahan, the son of a Realtor (and my friend & Active Rain member) in Silicon Valley, is 14 years old and has cancer which is not responding to two different types of chemotherapy.  His cancer, Ewing's Sarcoma, had metasticized before it was discovered on September 22nd. 

Sam writes about his battle with Ewing's Sarcoma on the Sam's Team website: http://www.samsteam.org/About_Sam.html He is an amazing 8th grader with a good attitude who wants to beat this thing.  If you read his "about Sam" page, you'll find he's a great writer, too.

Normally, we can feel very helpless to "do anything" besides offer our compassion, thoughts and prayers. 

But this time, there IS something you can do, and it only takes a couple of minutes.  It may not change how he feels after radiation or chemo, but it will lift his spirits and those of his family and friends to see an outpouring of support.  And it will help Sam and his family to make a little goal they've set up for themselves.

In addition to the website, Sam's family & friends have a "fan page" on Facebook.  It's called I'm On Sam's Team.    Their modest goal is to have 5000 fans by St. Patrick's Day.  I'd like to help them get there.  As of this moment, they have 2608 fans.  They want people to know about Ewing's Sarcoma and they want people to know about Sam and his battle with this cancer.

What To Do:  So, my Active Rain friends, I know a lot of you are on Facebook.  If not, this might be the right time to join! 

  1. Please take a moment and log into Facebook.
  2. Go to the Search bar and key in I'm On Sam's Team
  3. At the very top, in the middle, there's a button which says Become A Fan - click on it

That's it.  How easy it is to send some support and encouragement!  Of course, read through the website and the FB page too!  But it only takes a minute to "fan" a page. 

Just to reiterate, Sam is someone I know, it's not one of those fake internet hoaxes and he's part of the real estate family (his dad's a Realtor).  Join us on Sam's Team!  Please re-blog!