Why are Real Estate Videos Expensive (Clarksville, TN - Montgomery County)

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Why are Real Estate Videos Expensive (Clarksville, TN - Montgomery County)

Over and over I get the simple question of "Why are real estate videos so expensive?". So today we reveal why real estate videos are so expensive. To begin with, lets look at what gear is used to shoot a professional Real Estate video. First and foremost in a good real estate video is a good camera. This is the difference between and good real estate video such as one of our real estate videos, and a amateur real estate video. We use HD cameras and shoot in 720p. We do this because we believe that Quality is a huge deal breaker in real estate videos. 

Girl using StediCam with Canon CameraNext we have tripods. We use high end tripods that range anywhere from 600-1200 dollars a piece. These allow for smooth panning and tilting, so that your real estate video has a smooth look when on a tripod. Another piece of equipment is called a stedicam (Between 600 and 1500 dollars). The stedicam is an essential tool in real estate videos because they allow us to walk with a camera, and the camera not shake or become unpleasant to watch. This gives us an opportunity to do a full walk through of your house, and have a professional real estate video at the same time. these are all tools we also use with our professional media company


The last piece of gear that we use sometimes, not all the time, is a 18 foot jib (800 dollars). This is a tool that allows us to create beautiful transition shots and different viewpoints in homes that have tall ceilings, or outside a home. We don't use this at all homes, because sometimes there is not enough space for this tool. As you can see with all the gear we use, when at your home we have over 5,000 dollars worth of equipment with us(not including any lights we may have to bring).

Now that we have covered the tools that we make real estate videos with, lets look at the process to see whatA Camera on a Jib the real estate videos are so expensive.

First thing is first when creating a real estate video, we have to gather all the information on the house. After we arrive at the location we do a walk through and discus how to beth shoot the real estate video. After doing this we do a walk through using a stedicam. We then do tripod shots, and then move outside to outside stedicam, tripod, and jib shows. We spend anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours at a house (Depending on the size). After arriving back at our production office, we sort out all the video, edit the video, write the script, record the script, put the final pieces together, and then export the video. All together to get the final version of the video we spend over 3 hours in post production.


Once this is done we still have to spend hours on hours uploading your real estate video to all the different sites, using keywords, and tags. We then add your house to the Truepix Homes Listing page and then we are done.

Altogether to get your real estate video done, we spend over 9 hours on average to get it done. Not to mention we offer 24 hours turnaround on all homes, so we have to Work fast and efficiently. So after you take all this into consideration, and look at our $125 price tag (Recently dropped), does it sounds that bad? Think of all the time it is saving you!!


Real Estate Videos are not an absolute sale for anyone, however, most people that use the service do have quicker turnaround times and better feedback from possible buyers. If you would like more information on our videos please visit our real estate video site.


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Roland Woodworth
eXp Realty - Clarksville, TN
eXp Realty

Luke does a great jpb with these videos. He has done a few for me and people love them.

Aug 04, 2010 05:11 PM