New Century International Elementary School & West Regional Branch Library Coming to Fayetteville NC

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"As we look to the future, we know we have to prepare our students to not only become productive citizens at home, they will need the skills and knowledge to compete with their peers around the world. I am excited about the approach to teaching and learning that will be used in this school. As children learn about customs, literature, and geography of the US, they will also be exposed to those aspects of life in other countries. You will see an obvious focus on international education as you approach the building with flags from other countries being displayed, clocks with time zones around the world visible, and a strong language component present in this school. These students will have the opportunity to have e-pals around the world, much like our old version of pen pals around the country. Our vision would be that through technology such as web casting and the internet, our children will communicate with elementary children in other schools in other countries."

Greg West, CCS Board of Education Chair, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What grade levels will be served at New Century International Elementary School?


NCIES will serve students in Pre-K through 5th grade.


Q. How many students will attend the school?


The school will open with approximately 600 students but will be built to serve 900 students.


Q. How many students will be in each classroom?


Kindergarten, first, and second grade classrooms will average 18 students. Third, fourth, and fifth grade classrooms will average 25 students.


Q. When will the principal be named?

The principal will be appointed in January and will begin in April working to hire the staff, secure the resources and materials, and develop schedules so the school will be ready for students in August.

Q. How will the teachers be selected?


Current CCS teachers will have the opportunity to be considered for a transfer to NCIES but the principal will also have the opportunity to recruit beginning teachers and experienced teachers from outside of the CCS system to the staff. CCS also has a partnership with VIF (Visiting International Faculty) of Chapel Hill to match teachers to NCIES with the particular needs of the school and the languages the school will offer the students.


Q. Will my child learn another language?


Students will be exposed to foreign languages and will learn to speak another language.  More importantly, students learn about other cultures and become more global learners.

Q. What are the instructional hours for NCIES?


The instructional day will 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Q. Will this be a choice school?

NCIES will not start out as a choice program. The students assigned to the school will come from the neighborhoods and streets as approved by the CCS Board of Education at the January 2010 meeting.

For more information, contact Felix Keyes, Principal

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