$1,500 Tax Credit for Home Improvements? GET SOME GREEN FOR GOING GREEN!

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 What's this?   Free money for those individuals who own a home and want to improve it?  YES!!!   If you were already planning to do a little remodeling this spring make sure to include a few projects that will not only make your home more EYE-ppealing but more energy efficient as well.   Uncle Sam says that if you choose projects that make your home GREEN, he will send you a little GREEN in return!    You can get up to $1,500.00 back or 30% of your improvement costs in the form of a nice little tax return!   SO what is on the list?   Windows, doors, heating and air conditioning,  energy star appliances . . insulation, and much more!     Check out this link below for a COMPLETE LIST of projects . . courtesy of the National Home Builders Association.



Questions? Comments?  Short Sale?  Foreclosures?  HOW MUCH IS MY HOUSE WORTH?


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