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Jewish Business Leader Jerome Kowalski of Kowalski and Associates in New York and Washington DCJerry Kowalski, foundeJewish Business Magaziner of Kowalski & Associates, Law Firm Consulting Agency in New York and Washington DC, Featured in the Jewish Business Magazine.

In 1995, after thirty years of practicing law in New York with some of the nation’s largest firms Jerry Kowalski formed Kowalski & Associates in New York and Washington, DC. Jerry Kowalski’s extensive resume includes distinguished legal work, and serving as counsel for the Government of Israel’s Departments of Defense, Department of Finance, The Bank of Israel (Israel’s Central Bank), the Government of Israel’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing, El Al Israel Airlines and Clal, the second largest corporation in Israel. Jerry Kowalski also served as an adviser to Prime Ministers Yitzhak Shamir, Yitzhak Rabin and Benjamin Netanyahu; as well as Minister of Finance Ya’acov Ne’eman. Kowalski & Associates was originally founded to provide executive search and human resource solutions to National law firms. Since then,Jewish Business Leader Jerome Kowalski of Kowalski and Associates in New York and Washington DCKowalski & Associates has grown to eight employees, and has expanding operations and has affiliates throughout the country. Now Kowalski’s firm provides counseling to law firms for mergers and acquisitions, as well as providing consulting on strategic issues affecting law firms operations including compensation structures, growth opportunities, acquisition of practice groups, law firm marketing, and the opening of new branch offices for law firms. Kowalski also delivers detailed proprietary confidential annual reports to the firm's clients addressing, among other things, emerging trends in the legal profession, economic and industry trends directly affecting the profession, compensation trends, alternative billing systems, emerging growth areas, as well as identifying particular practice areas which are on the decline. Kowalski is also a frequent speaker at law firm retreats and is a regular consultant to law firm managers and firm executive committees. As like in many industries, the legal sector has been hard hit by the current economic recession. Kowalski & Associates have taken the downturn in strides. They have streamlined business operations to control costs. Kowalski & Associates also provides their clients with advice on dealing with the economic downturn to help law firms become increase profitability, and find opportunities within the recession for their law practice. Kowalski has developed expertise in alternative fee and billing arrangements and assisting law firms in monitoring work flow as well as improving law firm client relations. Jerry Kowalski is involved in all aspects of Israel from including working with various educational institutions and assisting in Aliyah. Jerry also supports many apolitical and political Israeli organizations including AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee: America’s Pro-Israel Lobby. Jerry’s Jewish community involvement also includes activities with local synagogues in New York, Chabad and Yeshivas. Jerry Kowalski thinks that the key to the Jewish community for the future Jewish business leaders is to support local Jewish education and to be involved and support Israeli affairs. Jerry says,

We know from the studies that resulted in the creation of Birthright that the single most common denominator in those who identify themselves as Jews is having simply visited Israel.  At the same time, Jewish education is in serious jeopardy, primarily because of its prohibitive cost and the effects of the downturn.  Jewish education must be viewed as a community-wide obligation, not limited to those who have school aged children. The under 25 crowd, many recent day school graduates themselves, must recognize that in short order their own children will be of school age and they serve the community best by being involved early and staying late and urging their communities to recognize that Jewish education is a communal obligation, not simply a burden to be borne by day school parents.

Currently, Jerry Kowalski is volunteering as a pro-bono advisory member to three communal groups to assist and counsel lawyers and other professionals recently laid off to help them procure new employment. The groups’ services include providing assistance in resume preparation, developing business plans, enhancing interview skills, identifying employment opportunities and assisting such lawyers in negotiating terms of new employment. The three organizations are, Project Eliezer , the OU Job Board as well as a private group in Riverdale called Riverdale@work To Contact Kowalski & Associates for your law firm, visit Kowalski & Associates is located at 55-13 Cedarhurst Ave, Cedarhurst, NY 11516. You can also reach Jerry Kowalski at (516) 665-4051 and at

kowalski and associates in the jewish business magazine

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