Is the CA market appreciating?

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A client I have been working with for some time, from Lodi, CA, came up to look at our fair State as a possible retirement option.  Since I am a Santa Rosa transplant I was very interested in what he had to say regarding the Real Estate market there.  He is much more adapt at computer research than I am and what I gleaned from our conversation regarding his research of his local market is this:

The market there started an upward momentum with rising prices and reduced inventory, took a little dip and is on it's way back up again.  Since we followed the CA market in our decline and have followed their recovery I have my fingers crossed.  I needed some encouragement and that little bit helped.  It doesn't take much for eternal optimists and I am one. 

He went on to compare many factors which have influenced his decision to look to Oregon as a viable place to retire.  I will attempt to enumerate them.

1.  Lower DMV fees

2.  Lower property taxes, although CA property taxes are 1% plus special assessments of purchase price which usually equated to 1.25%, due to the lower Oregon cost of housing the property taxes they now pay are much higher than those they will pay.

3.  CA sales tax adds up to 10%, depending upon the community you live in, to every dollar spent.

4.  Life style.  They want out of the rush rush.  They noted to me the people here are not running yellow lights, not cutting people off, not shaking fists and shouting obscenities

5.  Graffiti, they were pleasantly surprised at the lack of it in our community.

6.  Crime, they found our crime stats "cute."

As they left I thought, once again, how much I miss friends, family and colleagues I left behind and then I took a long look at what I saw when I initially came here, much of which still remains, and a sigh of relief came from me.  I am blessed to live and work in such a wonderful place surrounded by great people.

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I'm convinced.  He sounds like he shoudl be a guest blogger for Oregon!

Mar 12, 2010 11:01 AM
Shirley Byrd-Solem

Judi, how would he become a guest blogger for Oregon?  I have not been very active on active rain.  Any help is appreciated.


Mar 12, 2010 04:27 PM
Patrick Rogers

I am also very interested in becoming a guest blogger. Here is my website where you can see my quality of work:

May 09, 2016 04:02 PM