Rush Lake Wednesday Night Bass League Week 7! East Rush Lake in Chisago County Minnesota

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Rush Lake Wednesday Night Bass League!

(Now in our 5th summer!)



July 18th 2007

East Rush Lake

Taking off from Flickabirds!


Finally!  Some gorgeous weather!  Weather in the '80s and calm windsmade for some.....Alright fishing...Only 4 limits were brought to the scales. The team with the biggest bag, was our points leader Tim Lindstrom and his partner Kent Minke!  Together they weighed in 13.46lbs.  Close behind in second was the team of Les Cleveland & Jeff Pfeffer with 5 bass for 13.36 lbs.  Third went to Korey Sybrant & Jake Piehl with 13.04lbs.  Big bass of 4.38 went to Bobby Foster and Chris Wosika with a 4.38 beauty!  Unfortunately Husband/Wife team of Rob & Sheryl Christensen were not able to make it to weigh in because of a blown hub in the prop.  Talking with Rob, they had a nice bag including one just a hair under 5 lbs.

Standings through July 19th 2007


East Rush Lake in Chisago County
From Flickabirds Resort!

6lb Pot $392.00!

PlaceNameWeekly weightBig Bass# of FishTotal WeightAverage Bass WeightPointsTournaments Fished
1Tim Lindstrom13.464.423380.962.45937
2Chris Lindstrom5.664.7633752.27847
2Scott Lindstrom5.664.7633752.27847
2Tracey Shinler11.084.963382.742.51847
2Dean Shnler11.084.963382.742.51847
2Les Cleveland13.365.93177.52.5847
2Jeff Pfeffer13.365.93177.52.5847
3Rob Christensen04.562253.772.44627
3Sheryl Christensen04.562253.772.44627
4Korey Sybrant13.043.562453.462.23607
5Ron Dehn8.344.081846.022.56557
6Brandon Dosch04.421843.282.4514
7Dana Johnson04.081437.682.69466
8Jake Piehl13.043.56
9John Schlee8.645.71535.022.33457
10Annie Vogelpohl2.763.91324.221.86386
10Dean Vogelpohl2.763.91324.221.86386
11Cory Frantzick2.542.521522.821.52376
12Josh Chilson03.381529.741.98345
12Kevin McCall03.381529.741.98345
13Marc Paul1.682.521218.81.57315
13Bobby Foster8.544.381325.461.96314
14Kent Minke13.463.821026.722.67302
15Brian Vogelpohl02.88715.382.2276
16Chris Wosika8.544.381122.32.03263
17Kaylie Bergman02.88715.382.2255
18Chris Miller05.44820.482.56245
18Derek Heinen05.44820.482.56245
19Dwain Vogelpohl3.163.1637.12.37227
19Eric Miller2.542.7915.081.68223
20Paula Schlee8.644.18516.143.22202
21Sue Vogelpohl3.163.1637.12.37196
22Mike Bobb02.7712.541.79172
23John Schlee Jr14.385.7514.382.88131
24Debbie Brokee03.78410.562.64111
24Wayne Brokee03.78410.562.64111
25Mark Gibson8.343.848.342.191
26Judy Remitz02.222.21.151
27Mike Wolkerstorfer1.681.6811.681.6841
28Mark Courts0000012
28Grampa Joe0000012

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