Sewer Grinder Pumps 101

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If you haven't run into a home with a sewer grinder pump yet you haven't had the full experience of this profession. The last two homes my Buyers were interested in both had grinder pumps. I have learned the function of the grinder pump is to chop the solid waste into smaller chunks and drive the waste up hill to the city sewer system.  In my research, I found these pumps to:  a)be a potential $ liablilty for my Buyer in plumbing repairs when maintained by the homeowner vice the city sewer department; b) when the electrical power goes out, so goes  the electric pump until power is restored; c) the Seller not disclosing the fact that they even have the pump and the potential maintenance and repair costs; and d) that the pump can be maintained by the city for a very large initial fee (which in this case equals the purchase price of a new pump) and a nominal service charge by the city to the homeowner when repair issues arise after closing.  Just when I thought I was out of the woods verifying city sewerage and NO septic tank (with all that research and doucmentation) ..the GRINDER PUMP reveals itself.  Don't get your paties in a wad, just do the research and inform you Buyer of his/her options. The city water and sewer department can be  your best friend in this situation. It certainly was in mne and ultimately the best $ option for my Buyers.



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Martha Morrison
Long & Foster - Gainesville, VA

I purchased a house with a sewer grinder pump 5 years ago. I had the same concerns that you have now. It was not disclosed and the home inspector we hired was not familiar with it. We did some research and even called the manufacturer of the pump. We decided to buy the property anyway. All of the homes in our neighborhood have them. We have not had any problems in 5 years.

Mar 13, 2010 06:32 AM
Andrea Gaume

Super! Did you consult the city sewer deparment?   Thanks for responding.

Mar 13, 2010 09:08 AM
Andrea Gaume
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Woodmont Realty - Brentwood, TN
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