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Columbus Ga Homes

    The time has come for a handful of new home buyers to get off the fence.  The past couple of weeks has been hectic, showing and selling homes to new homebuyers.  Our new clients have been patiently waiting for the approach of the  Tax Stimulus deadline and decided this was the time to take the plunge.  The ones currently under contract have gotten great deals.  The ones in the negotiation stages are getting good deals.  Sellers are being as cooperative as never before and the future home owners are excited.

    The young couples that I am currently working with were spurred on to make a decision on their home purchase by the looming Tax Stimulus deadline.  Several were waiting for their tax returns so they could apply their refunds to the down payment. 

    It is a great time to buy a home in Columbus Ga.  Ft Benning, Phenix City and Columbus Ga are full of motivated sellers and interested young buyers.  Investors who have been watching their properties languishing in a saturated market are offering incentives and making price cuts.  The Columbus Ga homes that I have sold recently are all at a 10% to 12% discount.  They are in excellent condition in every part of town. 

     To all of the people still wrestling with the decision to buy a Columbus Ga home the time is now.  Prices may never get lower.  Interest rates may never get lower.  The number properties available may never get higher.   Happy House Hunting!




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