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VACANT - at Bloom Again Design we receive a good amount of clients inquiring about staging a vacant listing.  We are always able to assist a client in any staging projects however; a vacant space can bring an additional monthly expense.  

Clients as well as their realtors may get nervous about the monthly rental fee and decide to forgo any and all staging ideas.

Please keep in mind. When a space is completely empty a few things happen.

In open areas buyers try to figure out how they would use the space.

In a bathroom they look at all the fixtures, baseboards, cabinets and walls.

In a bedroom they wonder where they will put everything, will their bed fit.

As they glance at the ceiling, baseboards, windows, and closets. Everything basically because there is nothing else to look at.


TIP: How do you get around not staging a vacant home.   In the design world budget dictates design. And it’s the same in staging. Start with a budget – if they have a fairly good budget consider hiring a professional stager to invest the money wisely. (call us for amount).

For small budgets do the minimum.

Paint – the trim. Baseboards and door trim a coat of semi gloss paint can make the place look crisp and clean. Even old walls seem to pop.  NOTE: if you have a bright colored room it really should be painted a lighter color.

Clean – carpets, windows, inside cabinets and closets. These are the spaces that seem to be over looked but when you have an empty space buyers will open those doors.

If it’s going to be empty then it needs to be completely empty. If window treatments are sad take them down.

Don’t forget about the outside.  Curb appeal is huge.

Hang towels in the bathroom and add a little something to the kitchen. Anything to distract a buyer from looking at that little chip in the cabinet.  It isn’t being deceitful. Buyers can see the age of the cabinets and know they aren’t new. You just need them to stay focus on why your listing will fit their needs.

Bloom Again Design consultation – we come to the property and go room by room with the homeowner giving them a detail list of suggestion and give continued support until the house sells. Our fees are very affordable starting at only $300 for a two - bedroom condo. For more information on our fees and how we work call us at (808) 779-3665 or email us at staging@BloomAgainDesign.


It’s great working with “Do It Yourself” homeowners they feel part of the team. And after invested hard work you can count on them to have the house ready for open house <!--EndFragment-->


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