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How Networking Events May Help Advance Efforts of 'IWD' ....

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“Investing in Women and Girls” is the tagline on the 2008 United Nations International Woman’s Day web page. The day was adopted by the U.N. as a worldwide celebration of economic, political and social achievements of women. Find recent ‘IWD’ 2010 resources online as well.

Recognizing contributions of women, their role in peace efforts and their past struggles to achieve equal participation in the workplace, the political arena and other areas of life - International Women’s Day is possibly more important, an opportunity to look to the future.

March 8th BloggersUnite to help raise awareness through posting on the topic.

This year I attended a women’s networking event at Qwest Field Events Center during the Northwest Women’s Show in Seattle the week-end leading up to IWD and able to video post [more in the works] some clips from the ‘Total Networking’ event with a 2010 focus on social media.

Key4Women/Key Bank was a presenting sponsor delivering some amazing statistics on women owned business and start-ups in the United States. Incredible speakers including Shauna Causey, Lori Richardson and Keynote Mari Smith spoke on the power of using social media.

One goal of mingling education with inspiration through these kinds of events is to provide knowledge and positive encouragement to help women continue making strides. Among other things, for me it was a day of networking fun iced with cupcakes, favors and libations donated by a number of gracious sponsors. And if you are wondering….yes there were men in attendance.

p.s. I was honored to meet the spirited @MariSmith

It’s true….even her accessories are blue! ;D

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