Any information with your phone number

Real Estate Agent with EWM of Aventura

We are so vulnerable since we put out all our information on our web sites, on our business cards etcc.  Do you know that anyone can put your phone number on Google and find out a lot of information on you?

It's good if you have promotional informationso you can tell your clients to look you up.  It's bad if someone takes your information to bother  or harrass you in any way. 

 In order to test whether your phone number is mapped, go to: google 
( Type your phone  number in the search bar (i.e. 
555-555-1212) and hit enter.

Try my phone 305-494-0071 if you want to.

 If you want to B L O C K Google from divulging your 
private information, simply click on your telephone  number and then click on 
the Removal Form. Removal takes 48-hours.

Let me know if you have any positive or negative experience with this.

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