Density + Population Growth

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Density and population growth are directly related – this many seem like a statement of the obvious, and it is.  But it seems that so much public discussion on planning issues ignores this fact.

Population growth globally actually peaked in the early 1960’s and has been declining since then, from 2.2% per annum to around 1% per annum.  However, advancements in medical technology and food production have extended the life span of humans creating the population bubble that we perceive to exist right now.

Irrespective of the decline in the population growth rate, the fact is that population is growing annually as a % increase on a larger base number each and every year.  By virtue of this fact, growing population means more density.  There are more people to shelter, feed and clothe.  Simple.

In order to accommodate basic human needs for a growing population, increases in density from a planning perspective is an essential element of our future. 

We know that the Land we inhabit is a limited and is therefore a scarce resource to feed and shelter our population. 

We don’t have any limitation on population growth, this is an impossible reality to measure so we need to plan is some way for it.

We all like to have fresh air and open spaces around us for kids, dogs and wildlife to roam free.  As time moves on and population grows, we need to learn to share, just like we teach kids.  We need to share our Land and conserve our scarce resources to provide for future generations.

Density in a planning sense has nothing to do with politics of any flavor.  Density is a simple reality that we all need to learn to accept and work with each other to accommodate the needs of our fellow people.

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