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My clients Joel and Shawna are settling into their new home.  One of their home ownership goals was to have a good house and yard for a dog.  Within weeks of closing, they adopted Abby.  I  think you'll enjoy this.  I know I did!

Hi Greg, 

Things are starting to settle down for us.  We love the house and really appreciate your as a realtor and advisor.  I've attached a few pictures of Abby and we have a couple questions about our kitchen remodel.  

IMG_0307 Abby was 14 pounds we I picked her up.  She's up to 25 now.  The first 3 picturesIMG_0240   are Abby helping me unpack.  The 5th picture is her with an ice cube in her mouth.  Joel introduced ice to her water bowl which was fine at first but then she realized she could fish them out instead of bobbing for them.  Now we use them as a treat, she gets so excited.  The 6th picture is her watching TV.  She will watch Animal Planet for hours.  It's rather amusing for us, she runs after anything that moves off camera.  And the last one is her with a food puzzle.  She's too smart.  Keeping her busy keeps me busy :-)  We're currently battling with rocks.  She likes to bring them in and I throw them away.  Friday she brought one in and hid it under her bed.

IMG_0305 She was so proud when I came home until I noticed the lump under her bed.IMG_0061  

If dogs can look shocked, she did when I picked up her bed and took the rock.  

We're redesigning the kitchen/dinning room and upstairs family room.  I'd like to incorporate the existing dinning room into the kitchen with a large island and bench seat along the front lower window and turn the family room the new dinning room.  Do you think we'll suffer any loss if we did this?

You get to see so many houses.  When it comes to appliances, what do your clients get excited about? 

Talk to you soon,


In the end....it's about home.  It's about lifestyle.  What's your dream?

Greg Perry
Kirkland Realtor

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Lisa Ludlow Archer
Live Love Homes-Keller Williams, Charlotte, NC Ballantyne Area - Waxhaw, NC

That is just the type of emails that I love to get from happy clients. Does it not just make your day?

Have a great week!

Lisa Ludlow Archer, www.myCarolinahome.net

Mar 17, 2010 12:45 PM