I Needed a new career..You Too can turn your customer service or IT career into a new profession!

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I Needed a new career..You Too can turn your customer service or IT career into a new profession!  If you are like many people in todays economy you may be looking for a new career.  I had worked in the Information Technology field as well as customer service for over 20 years when I lost my job to reorganization. 

Like so many others...I suddenly Needed a new career.  Believe it or not I truly wanted to work in the real estate field.  I can't tell you how many people told me I was crazy!  lol  I didn't care...that's what I wanted to do.

My only concern was that I didn't think of myself as a salesperson.  Well...I'm here to tell you that I'm still not a salesperson!  Even though I Needed a new career that was not my personality.  What I found out was that you don't have to have a typical sales personality! 


I don't sell houses!  Houses sell themselves! What I do is use my customer service skills and IT background to take care of people and to get my listings noticed on the internet!  Not many people who have Needed a new career in the last couple of years have thought about getting into real estate!  Many agents are getting out!

What people don't know is that there is one particular company that offers so much training to their agents as well as a culture that puts God first and Family second before business!  Which company?  Keller Williams!  No...they didn't ask me to write this...I just know that I would tell anyone who Needed a new career ...especially if you have a background in customer service that you can do it too. 

I started in May of 2007.  I produced enough in my first full year (2008) to be in the Professional Achievers Circle in our local Bartow County Board of Realtors.  I also received the Rookie of the Year Award for Bartow County.  In 2009 I started building my own team and again made the Professional Achievers Circle.  If you know anyone who Needed a new career or still needs a new career, have them take a look at Real Estate. 

I truly believe in the power of positive thinking!  I'll be glad to share my knowledge and experiences if you would like more information!  Feel free to visit my webpage or send me an email!


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