County Board in an uproar over property taxes

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The LaSalle County Board and it's chairman have relieved one of its members from his committee duties. In a closed door meeting the La Salle County Board under the direction of chairman Jerry Hicks and the county attorney Troy Holland relieved Board member Stephen Carlson (Mendota) from his committee duties. This was in response to  Carlson's property tax objection that his property taxes were illegal or excessive.

There is an underlying conflict that is at work here as the county continues to try and find a way to staff the new county jail in the wake of a tax referendum loss during the last election. This is combined with an incumbent board and a group of landowners who are trying to take advantage of a tort levy which is acting as a property tax immunity for large land owners.

The county is divided as the northern 1/3 of the county is being impacted by developers and subdivisons and the windfall that landowners are receiving. Chairman Hicks has stated he feels Carlson has a conflict of interest concerning his petition. Calmer heads should prevail and the nonsensical deviation from their elected responsibilities should be approached head on.

Carlson and his attorney intend to do just that at the next full county board meeting on July 22.

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