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History of Angels Camp CA. Henry and George Angel arrived in California as soldiers, serving under Colonel Frémont during the Mexican War. After the war's end, the brothers found themselves in Monterey where they heard of the fabulous finds in the gold fields. The tales proved too strong a lure, so they joined the Carson-Robinson party of prospectors and set out for the mines. The company parted ways upon reaching what later became known as Angels Creek, with the Murphy group heading east and the Carson party continuing south. It was September of 1848.

Henry set up camp and began placer mining the area, trying his luck in Dead Horse Ravine, Dry Creek, China Gulch and Angels Creek. But gold mining was truly hard work. Prospectors walked for miles carrying heavy loads to and from their claims. They worked for hours on end under the burning glare of the summer sun, or in the freezing winds, rain, and snow of the icy winter. Digging, shoveling, swinging a pick, lifting sand, gravel, and rocks out of their way in search of bedrock. And let's not forget the insects; the lice, ticks, gnats, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, yellowjackets, hornets, and the friendly tarantulas, scorpions, lizards, and rattlesnakes which all enjoyed sharing the miners' bedroll.

After a few weeks of this back-breaking labor, Henry realized there were easier ways to make a living, and later that fall gave up mining to open a trading post. George joined his brother in operating Angels Trading Post, which did business from a simple canvas building located at the confluence of Angels and Dry Creek. The business thrived (shirts sold for $50, mining tools reached $200) selling provisions to the incoming miners and neighboring camps. By the end of the year, over one hundred tents were scattered about the creek and the settlement was referred to as Angels Trading Post, later shortened to Angels Camp.

Many rich placer strikes were made during the camp's first year of life; in fact, the grounds were so rich that claims which produced two ounces of gold per day or less were ignored. With returns like these, the miners swarmed into the region and it is estimated that several thousand miners were camped along a one-mile stretch in Angels Camp during 1849.

Since 1928, Angels Camp is the home to the famous Calaveras County Fair and Frog Jubilee. The third week in May over 400 froogs and 40,000 people visit for the 5 days.

 Angels Camp has many activities such as Greenhorn Creek Golf Resort, shopping in down town Angels Camp and a restored original Angels Camp movie theatre. Also Angels Camp is just a short disitance from Melonies Lake (third biggest lake in Californa) for watersports and fishing. For more information about activities or real estate opportunities  go to www.danseider.com We offer the best places to stay in the Angels Camp- Murphys area. Go to www.GreenHornCreekCottages.com  for direct access to book a getaway or go to www.unexpectedvacations.com   

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