March Madness, Some Sanity…And MORE at Eagle Realty!

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TODAY is it!! you can watch live games starting at about 12:20pm EST at  or  i believe. Or feel free to stop by in the eagle realty office and catch some scores and watch some live sodas!!

To my fellow agents in the area, while your kicking back at home or in your office catching the games this afternoon...take a look around at where you are at. Is that where you want...or more so, need to be? For your real estate career, are you a winner (like a 1 seed), or do fall more by the wayside in the eyes of your company (like a 16 seed)? Check this out:

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Eagle Realty

Todays Schedule
Day 1
8:00 AM Find The Company Where I Can Be Most Productive and Successful...
8:30 AM Finish My Bracket Picks...(UK seems like a good choice...)
Day 2
8:00 AM My First Day At Eagle Realty!!!!!

MARCH MADNESS 2010, Now that you have finished your bracket about picking the best company for your real estate career? Just because it is "march madness" it doesn't mean you have to let that madness continue where you work...

Eagle Realty
-Higher Commission Structures for Agents (up to 100%) = More $$
-Highly Ethical and Reputable Work Environment
-Technology Focused and Adaptive
- Bonus Structures To Earn You more!
-Broker Support 24/7 & Education Opportunities
-Career Advancement
-Family of Companies including Rental Division, Appraisal Services, and Insurance Affiliate for more SYNERGY
...and more

You're Not Just and Agent, Your Family...

Do you want to be more than just another agent lost in the shuffle? Do you want your career to have meaning and work for a company that wants to make an impact in the world, beyond growing as the leading independent real estate company (though we are) on the coast? Give me a call, Let's Talk!


Chris Ward
Eagle Realty

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