Juggling Too Many Balls You Are Going To Drop Some Eventually

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JugglingI am a big proponent that multi-tasking is not necessarily a good thing. We all multi-task in real estate, other fast pace vocations, and just about everything in life from Moms to talking on the cell phone while driving and listening to music in our cars. But optimally doing ONE thing at at time when you can, will give you the best quality experience like listening intently to another, doing only your hobby, etc.

But with juggling more and more balls in our life, ADDING more and more things into you 18 hours or so you may be awake each day, remember

Juggling Too Many Balls You Are Going To Drop Some Eventually.

If they were made out of a hard ceramic glass and they fell to the hard tile floor at your feet and made a loud smashing sound, maybe that would get your attention. Look at all the social networks, the people demanding of our time each day, what happened to that New Year's more exercise resolution? It does come down to time, realizing it is FINITE. Can't pack infinite anything into FINITE. So realizing this about time allow those balls that mean little or next to nothing in your life to fall, and crash and break on their own.

This is knowing the PRIORITIES that go with what you value in life.

One thing about PRIORITIES - they can shift as you get older, so be cool that today's priorities might not be your priorities a year or five years from now!!

ALWAYS know WHICH balls you have up in the air and HOW MANY in a day you can handle!

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