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REO's Are they changing or much of the same

Real Estate Sales Representative with Realty Executives Associates

It appears that REO business is up again from last year. Are others experiencing this same event in your markets? As an REO Broker is our business changing? Not seeing it in Twin Cities yet. Historically REO brokers listed property on the MLS did a sign and spent the rest of their resources (aka money and time) dealing with property management functions. I see a large group of new agents getting REO business and simply doing the same old REO broker tricks- nothing. It is now time to change REO business. REO brokers need to take calls from agents, REO brokers need to market listings, REO brokers need to do what they were hired to do. It is great to see so many new agents get into REO business.  It will make this old broker unhappy if you just do more of the same. It is now time to change REO business. Anyone agree?