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Home Buying Advice from Pittsburgh Buyers' Agent -- things you need to know before you start your home search.   Home buying is a complex process that can take many months to come to fruition.  Knowing what to expect and being prepared will go a long way to make the process less stressful and more successful.  Hopefully these will help you with your Home purchase and be some of the best home buying advice you'll receive.

1.  Find a Real Estate agent who is committed to forming a strong business relationship with you.  An agent who is very familiar with the geographical area that you are interested is a must.  Consider working with an Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR) who has advanced education and experienceHome Buyers Advice in working with buyers and in meeting their needs.  Visit http://rebac.net/ for more Home Buying information and for a list of ABR's in your area.  An ABR will work with you giving you very detailed and specific Hone buying advice for your particular situation.

2.  Before you start, get pre-approved for a mortgage.  Your Real Estate Agent can be a good referral source for mortgage providers.  Working with a qualified mortgage provider will be invaluable for many reasons:

  • You will know how much home you can afford to buy, will see how much cash you will need to bring to closing and will get a good idea what your monthly payments will be (mortgage + taxes + insurance).  This is an absolute first step in the process.  
  • A reputable mortgage banker will work with you to get your "house" in order.  This may include isuggestions on how to mprove your Credit Score or paying off some credit cards. 
  • When you find that perfect home, you know you can afford it and will be ready to make the offer.  With a mortgage pre-approval, the seller WILL take you seriously.

3. Remember that old Real Estate Axiom, "Location, Location, Location".  A good school district boosts property values as do pristine neighboring homes.  Always think about resale and how easy it will be to sell the home in the future.  If the home is located on a cliff, near a noisy highway or if there are any other detrimental locational items, think about how hard it may be to sell if you own it. 

4.  Don't let emotions get in the way of a competitive offer.  Have your Realtor conduct a Comparative Market Analysis to see what buyers were willing to pay for similar homes in the area.  This will give you a good idea of Fair Market Value in the area and where you should start with your offer.  This is quantitative and necessary home buying advice so you don't go into negotiations blind.

5.  Negotiate with a "Win-Win" mentality.  Remember that both sides (buyer and seller) will feel better and more committed about the deal if both give and take throughout the process.  Hard as it is, several go-rounds is sometimes needed for both buyer and seller to feel they've negotiated the best deal possible.

Home Buyers Advice6.  Make sure you include a home inspection, mortgage and appraisal contingency in the sales contract to protect your hand money.   In the event the home inspection reveals a major flaw, the home doesn't appraise for the purchase price or you lose your job, these contingencies allow for an escape plan to void the contract while protecting your hand money.  Good home buying advice in thie arena can save you money!

 7.  Ask the Seller to purchase a Home Warranty Protection Plan for you.  The policy usually lasts one year from the closing date and covers basic repairs you may encounter in the home's electrical and plumbing systems,  appliances and the like.  It provides peace of mind and may protect your wallet from unexpected expenditures.

8.  Remember there is more than one perfect house out there for you.  If you lose the first home you bid on, keep the faith and know that there is even a better one around the corner.  Things have a way of working out the way the are supposed to, so keep up the search and Good Luck!  Please visit my website at http://www.PittsburghNorthernHomes.com for more home buying advice.

Home Buyers Advice

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