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Would you like to practice investing...without the real world risks?

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Would you like to get out of the Rat Race?

Do you want your money to work for you... instead of you working for it?

If you are familiar with the book RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki, then you may have heard about CASHFLOW® 101 the Board Game - it actually came before the book. CASHFLOW® 101, the Board Game was created to teach people how to become a master of money and elevate their financial IQ".

You are invited to join the members of The Charleston Real Estate Investor's Association for the largest Cash Flow 101 Game Night in South Carolina. Business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, investors and those who want to enjoy learning in a fun, and interactive atmosphere.

In this hands-on game you will make money, lose money and discover what few people ever learn..the secret of the rich: How to profit in up markets and down markets!

Experience all the fun of without taking all the real life risks! Here is just a taste of what you get when you play the game of the RICH:

• Learn and play the board game that the rich have been playing for years.

• Meet & network with local real estate investors about the Charleston market

• Find your style of building wealth without taking the real world risks.

• Play in the largest CASHFLOW® 101 Game in South Carolina.

• Receive prizes as the first person to get out of the CASHFLOW® 101 Rat Race.

• Spend time with Rich Dad students, fans, and entrepreneurs.

"On a recent evening I bought into a limited partnership, flipped a bed and breakfast for a quick profit, tripled my money on "OK4U" pharmaceutical stock. I also got downsized from my teaching job, bought a duplex and hada baby. After all that, I managed to get out of the proverbial rat race."

                                                    Sarah Max, CNN/Money Senior Writer

Reserve your seat, RSVP charlestoncashflow@gmail.com

WHEN: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 6:00 PM

WHERE: Grand Buffet Restaurant, 4950 Centre Pointe

Drive, N. Charleston, SC